Canary Islands: Las Palmas,Tenerife,Gomera

November 15-November 28 2021

After 2 weeks of ARC preparation, courses, boat inspections parties and fireworks the start finally arrives. Only one problem … no wind. The bane of sailors. Most people think that sailors biggest fear is that “vicious storm“ and while storms make for exciting movies ;racers and cruisers universal worry is a lack of wind.… Read more

Brest,France to Las Palmas, Canaries

November 2-November 15 2021

I spent 3 wet days in Brest with Fabian waiting out the weather for our sail south to the Canaries. Finally with Daniela back from Berlin and provisioning for 10 days on board we had weather that would give us a 20+ knot following wind mixed with ”moderate seas”; which is sailor talk for ”take your Dramamine ”.… Read more