Ipswich to Guernsey

Infinity 1st View October 12 2021

After 15 months of planning I finally get to see Infinity, and she is beautiful.

Her commissioning was in Fox’s marina, Ipswich UK 100 miles northeast of London.The next 3 days are filled with a through introduction to all the systems onboard and a day sea trial where in light winds we run through her sail inventory including twin headsails, asymmetric and staysail which reefs to a storm jib if needed.… Read more

Reno to UK

October 8-11 2021

Time to go…. After many weeks of last minute preparations… each item crossed off the list was replaced with two more ; going to bed at 24:00 and up at 04:00 in a cold sweat that we would not be ready, the boat insurance would not be approved, radio licenses and yacht registration would not be ready in time etc.… Read more